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    1. For example, if a phone comes with a charger(http://www.kynix.com/Parts/6462/BVL120600003N.html) rated at 5V and 0.7A, when it's plugged in to charge, what dictates the current the phone draws, is it the resistance of the phone?
    2. If I = V/R, do phones typically provide little resistance so that the current is the max the charger can provide? i.e in the above example, if the phone was off, would it constantly be drawing 0.7A, and if the charger was changed with one rated at 5V and 2A, would the phone draw more than 0.7A? could it reach 2A?
    3...bit of a side question, but when the phone is done charging, how does it stop drawing current? again if I = V/R, does the phone have to alter the amount of resistance it is providing? how does it do that?
    I'm only looking for fairly simple answers to be honest as this is just a general query and not something I need to go in depth with.

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    Hi! Here's some things for you to think about!
    Pi Are Square
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