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    since have upgraded to window 10 ,have not been able to connect to my store and my internet connection is fine.
    10-30-2016 06:22 AM
  2. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    what is your device and is there an error store is generating, if it is then post the complete error code.

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    10-30-2016 07:52 AM
  3. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi You might try a reset! Would help to know what device you're having this issue on as abhishek has suggested! This has helped some users!
    : Run wsreset and, if needed, reboot. The easiest way to do so is to open Cortana or the Run dialog (WINKEY + R) and type wsreset followed by Enter. The Windows Store app will then open. I didn’t need to reboot, either: Upon checking Downloads, and retrying the app, it started immediately downloading.
    10-30-2016 11:34 AM

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