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    Before I bought my phone I know there will be problems like not much application available and touchscreen sensitivity problem which I accept wholeheartedly, but there's also some problems which I can let it pass. Like some application just shut down and keep returns to main screen so I have to delete it, or many of my photos are corrupted and I have to delete them too.
    But this one is massive problem for me.
    I'm currently on exchange program for one year. In order to be able to access internet, my friends suggested me to buy data-only SIM Card. I bought one named freetel (docomo) and it cost me 3000yen (quite expensive for me), the vendor said that it can be used for ANY phone. But it can't. I asked everybody: my friends, IT staff, Docomo staff, and finally I mailed the customer service and received an email that said the card cannot be used for my phone.
    Is there's another cheap way which I don't know yet, so I can still used my phone here (and not have to buy expensive phone)?
    11-15-2016 05:14 AM

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