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    I have a 950XL that I use tons for pictures and videos. Recently, Win 10 Explorer stopped recognizing my phone, perhaps after the last fast ring update. This functionality is basic and very much needed. I've tried the usual things: restarts, unplugging and replugging, even uninstalling and reinstalling PC Updates - no good. Please help.
    11-15-2016 09:33 AM
  2. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Hi, have you tried a different USB cable and plugging into a different USB port?
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    11-15-2016 10:14 AM
  3. dhugos's Avatar
    I have tried unplugging/replugging, switching USB ports, the various stuff you read online about device manager, re-installing windows (which took a long time) and still nothing. All I want to do is reload the 950XL driver, which Win7 & 10 recognized for years and now doesn't. But apparently you can't, so I am stuck. Nothing that's ever been suggested works.

    My Win7 machine does recognize the phone thankfully, after I close out the screen that asks me if I want to import photos. My Win10 machine doesn't ask that question, though it used to. The problem cropped up recently, I think after Fast Ring update build14965.1001.
    11-15-2016 02:34 PM
  4. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Well, from what I can gather from your post you can still try the following.
    1. Hard reset the phone and retry.
    2. Use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to get off the 'fast ring' and back onto the official builds (for now).

    You didn't mention whether you had tried another USB cable (just mentioned unplugging/replugging).
    11-16-2016 04:15 AM

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