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    Help! My Compaq laptop turns on but shows a blank screen when I turn it on. By the way, I don't use a battery, I just plug it in. It used to beep until I put in a floppy disk, then it stop beeping but doesn't boot windows or show anything on screen. And yes, I tried connecting it to another monitor with VGA, but it didn't work (btw, the monitor works with other computers.) What should I do?

    Also, the 2 fans don't spin and I don't have a dust remover to clean the dust off safely, if that is the problem.
    11-18-2016 03:50 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I hope you have a backup of your data someplace. That's a really old laptop, and it wouldn't be worth repairing at this point.
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    11-18-2016 04:13 PM

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