1. Abhijeet Tambare's Avatar
    Groove isn't loading many artist images on my phone plus the scrolling isn't smooth. There is a very visible lag while scrolling. Is it possible to uninstall and reinstall groove on mobile.
    11-28-2016 12:37 AM
  2. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    no it isn't possible as it is a inbuilt app.

    You could try a soft reset by holding together volume down+power key until phone reboots.

    Also tell us what lumia/windows phone you own. It could be hardware related as well.
    11-28-2016 01:12 AM
  3. Abhijeet Tambare's Avatar
    Soft reset doesn't help.
    I don't think its a device problem. I had the same problem on my 640 and now 650.
    I don't think it's account related as well because the artists load on my laptop but not in my phone for the same set of songs.
    11-28-2016 01:57 AM
  4. Abhijeet Tambare's Avatar
    Well maybe now I will have to wait for creators update for the reset option!
    11-28-2016 08:35 PM
  5. shmsnh's Avatar
    On the desktop, there is the option to reset the built-in apps. Is there a similar feature on Windows 10 Mobile? If yes, you should try that.

    I can't check myself, because I downgraded my phone recently and do not have Windows 10 Mobile anymore.
    11-29-2016 12:09 AM
  6. Abhijeet Tambare's Avatar
    Yes i know pc has an option to do so. I don't know of any such option on phone that's why I asked.
    11-29-2016 12:54 AM
  7. shmsnh's Avatar
    I saw the article just now. Coming with Creators Update.
    11-29-2016 02:09 AM

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