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    Hallo Community :)

    I'm a happy owner of a Lumia 930 for a while now but a few weeks ago, my camera started to not be able to focus any more.

    I try to take a quick picture, tap on the screen to set a focus point, but even if the phone is able to focus, it looses the focus with in a split second.
    It's also the first time that the phone makes noises (humming) while trying to focus.

    I selected two pictures to show you what i mean. With the first one, the phone was not able to focus - even with multiple attempts.
    The second one was just a snapshot at the zoo - that's how i know my camera :)

    I haven't done any significant upgrading in the past.
    I am using the Lumia Camera App vers.
    Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Denim

    I am glad for any suggestions,
    11-29-2016 10:17 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    The humming noises are definitely not normal, and could be signs of hardware failure. This has been an issue with a different model (Lumia 1020) and in other Lumias after reaching a certain age. If the problem persists, only a hardware replacement (either take the phone to a service center or buy a new phone entirely) will solve the problem.

    If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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    11-29-2016 12:55 PM
  3. WhiteListener's Avatar
    @ gpobernardo
    Thanks for your answer.
    Maybe I'll try a software reset to resolve this issue with the focus but i don't have much hope.

    Would it be enough to replace only the camera module - or is there more to it?
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    11-29-2016 01:38 PM
  4. gpobernardo's Avatar
    You're welcome.

    That's worth a try, but do let us know your observations.

    In theory, it should be enough to replace just the camera module. But replacing the camera module may not be as straightforward as it seems. If not done properly, you may end up ruining more than just the camera module.
    11-30-2016 01:55 AM
  5. WhiteListener's Avatar
    I'm aware of that.
    I replaced the screen of another smartphone before and for all the modules are plug-and-play, I at least feel confident ;)

    I ordered a camera module in china - all spare parts i could find around Europe are 100 and up.

    But I will definitely keep you informed about this issue!
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    11-30-2016 04:03 AM
  6. WhiteListener's Avatar
    Quick update:
    - a software reset didn't have any effect
    - the spare camera arrived today from china and to my great joy my smartphone makes great pictures again :D

    i can't guarantee, that the spare camera really is like the original one, but at first look, i couldn't find any differences.

    Thank you again for your help guys, especially gpobernardo!
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    12-16-2016 12:58 PM
  7. gpobernardo's Avatar
    You're welcome. Do keep us updated with your experience with that module - hopefully it'll work as expected.
    12-24-2016 07:19 AM

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