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    lum950 (uk) running win10 anniversary update
    11-30-2016 09:42 AM
  2. Albatross2's Avatar
    There are some apps for the MS Band that supposedly perform this function, but I was never able to make it work.
    11-30-2016 10:07 AM
  3. Centrifuge Games's Avatar
    If you're using a Bluetooth remote (eg a selfie stick), then "Lumia Selfie" does remote shutter control - I've used it to remotely trigger my 950 when it was on a tripod. You should be able to get it from the Microsoft App Store (just search for "Lumia Selfie" in the store).

    Hope that helps :-)
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    11-30-2016 12:12 PM
  4. ads13's Avatar
    lum950 (uk) running win10 anniversary update
    There is an accessory to make it happen - Treasure tag

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    12-02-2016 01:33 PM

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