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    I installed the official Facebook app, the one from Facebook Inc., in windows 10 desktop and windows 10 mobile. I am using fully updated official builds for both mobile and desktop.
    When I receive a notification from the Facebook app in the desktop and I open that notification marking it as read I noticed that, as expected, I receive the same notification in windows 10 mobile action center as well as in the windows 10 mobile Facebook app live tile (the badge notification).
    The problem is that, after reading that notification on the desktop, there is no way to clear the windows 10 mobile Facebook badge notification (that is the live tile notification) of the same notification read on the desktop other than receiving another notification and mark it as read inside the mobile application.
    In another words, the same notification read on the desktop is correctly marked as read inside the mobile application but the mobile badge notification still shows that notification as a new one.
    Do you have the same problem, and if so, are there any workarounds to solve the problem?
    Thanks a lot for any help
    12-06-2016 03:20 AM

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