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    I have two windows smartphone -L640XL and L950, boths are running OS build 14977.1000. I am facing few issues - CASE1: In L640XL, Setting -Touch, there are two options a)science incoming call......surface and b)vibrate when .....keys. But in L950, i could not find 1st option under Setting -Touch. CASE2: In L640Xl, earlier of this build there was a known bug i.e. Picture in gallery ->....->Set as, a new dialog box of white colour having unseenable 3 option, in this build this bugs is corrected but in L950, the bugs is still there. CASE4: In L640XL, double touch on navigation bar/screen to lock /unlock working quite smooth but in L950 disappoint me.
    12-26-2016 07:43 PM

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