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    My son has an Xbox One that he bought used from a friend this past summer. He has never been able to hook it up to the internet. He brought it home from school with him for Christmas break as he is having his wisdom teeth out in a few days and figured it would be a good way to pass the recovery time.

    In an attempt to fix the internet issue, he reset the console to factory settings today, not realizing that it required internet to restart again. We're trying to figure out whether he truly has a hardware issue and thus a paperweight, or whether it is something with our home network and the Xbox One not getting along.

    We have DSL and use a Comtrend AR-5381u combo modem / router.

    If he tries to connect wirelessly, the console doesn't detect any network. When he tries to add a connection, he gets the error message "Your security protocol won't work". If he tries a wired connection directly to the modem, he same message.

    He's convinced that it's a hardware issue, but what I find odd is that when I log into the router, I do see the Xbox One listed in the "DHCP Leases" list, complete with its MAC address. And that makes me think that there is at least some sort of communication going on. The network authentication is set to "WPA-PSK", which doesn't specifically appear on the list of acceptable options on the error message. I don't have a lot of knowledge of networks etc., and when I tried to reset it to WPA, hoping it would be simple, it proved more complicated than I hoped (it had a new field "Radius Server IP Address" that defaulted to and wanted me to change it, but I didn't want to screw things up so I bailed). I did try changing the network to "Open" just for kicks (we have no neighbors anywhere within range), and that didn't allow the Xbox One to connect either.

    So -- is it dead, or does anyone have any ideas? Were it not for seeing it on the DHCP list, I'd be giving up. But that just seems odd to me. I thought about trying to find the old emergency update on some mirror site somewhere, but I don't even know what version of the operating system the console is running because I can't get to a home screen.

    Thanks for any insights.
    12-26-2016 10:30 PM

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