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    I let the battery drain to 0% before charging it, and after i used the charger that came with it and multiple other chargers, it seems as if the phone isn't charging. I restarted it by pressing the power and volume buttons and the battery came up and it was empty. I left it charge for at least an hour before checking but it still isn't charging. Any way to fix this?
    01-09-2017 02:58 PM
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    Plug it in to the factory supplied charger and wait. When you keep switching chargers and pushing buttons you are interrupting a process.

    When the phone shuts down for insufficient battery it puts the chip in the battery into a "coma" for a time.

    Plug into the wall charger and just leave the phone. It may take up to several hours for the chip in the battery to "wake up" and for the phone to start charging. At that point it will boot and have about 3-5% battery. Leave it charging until it reaches 100% and then carry on as normal.

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    01-09-2017 05:43 PM

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