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    I recently bought a laptop with windows 10. All seemed OK but then I let it update. It downloaded about 3GB of updates and produced some error messages, including a notification saying that there was a disc problem, click to repair. I did and it didn't. Windows now boots but doesn't get to the desktop screen. Instead it goes into repair mode but none of its options work. There's lots of room on the disc. What do I do?
    01-16-2017 12:09 PM
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    Hi welcome to Windows Central! You say your PC goes into repair mode, but none of the options work. There's a lot of options if you're booting into Advanced Startup mode How to Use the Advanced Startup Options to Fix Your Windows 8 or 10 PC
    If you need more help, please join the forum and someone will be happy to help you with this problem!
    01-16-2017 02:27 PM