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    -I had gmail and Google+ on my old Samsung, but now I'm getting the message "It appears your Google Apps account is not configured to sync with mobile devices" or something like that.
    -Also I can't find apps supposedly installed from Google Playstore.
    -I don't have a Google Apps account, and my Google account is too configured! Any ideas?
    01-16-2017 12:48 PM
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    Welcome guest!
    Please join Windows Central to help us clarify your exact issue.

    Are you asking about a Windows mobile device?
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    01-16-2017 03:57 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to Windows Central.

    Exactly which Samsung phone do you have? What is its model number, and what carrier is it branded to?
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    01-16-2017 04:06 PM