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    On my current phone it will not take a charge. I have to hold the charger in a certain position. This has happened with BlackBerry and Samsung. Is this common?? Do I need a new charger or a new phone??
    01-24-2017 12:49 PM
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    Sounds like a damaged port or cable to me.
    I have to hold the charger in a certain position.
    Inspect the port and cable end. Maybe use a magnifying glass and a light source that is strong/close.

    See any debris? Clear it out if so. See any bent pins or broken pins? Hopefully if you do they are in the cable. Something may need to be replaced.

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    01-24-2017 01:11 PM
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    As RN said it could be the cable OR the port. IF this has happened to you on multiple phones you MIGHT want to take a look at how you are plugging and unplugging the cord. Make sure you hold the cord from the end when you plug it in or pull it out. Also don't force it, it only goes in 1 right way (unless it's USB-C), and forcing it in the wrong way will break the socket. Pulling from the cord constantly can cause problems also, such as a loose broken wire in the cord, OR a broken socket. Try to avoid messing with the cord when you are half asleep. Plug it in right BEFORE you go to bed, unplug AFTER you get up and shake off the cobwebs!
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    01-24-2017 01:32 PM

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