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    My wife got me a shiny new iPhone 7 for Christmas to compliment my MacBook Pro and iPad - the iPhone was to replace my Icon.

    I finally have had enough, I want my Icon back!

    I upgraded it to W10m last night using the Upgrade Advisor, pretty cool, and I've been looking at all of my contacts and I'm getting frustrated.

    My contacts (about 2300 in all - I'm in sales) are spread out over outlook/office on my desktop (windows 7), my outlook/, iCloud, LinkedIn, Facebook, and my work laptop (windows 7), backup assistant (Verizon - need this gone).

    While I realize my LinkedIn and FB contacts I don't need to do anything with what do you recommend for the rest.

    I'd like to have one location for the rest of my contacts.

    I'm stuck using the iPhone until I can get a grip on my contacts. I hate multiple linking, wrong / bad info, etc.

    Once my contacts are done I hope it will also take care of my multiple calendar issues.

    Well, looks like Office 365 and if set properly sync with each other so I just need to unlink social apps and load up a cvs file.

    Looking back over this it looks like I was ranting - I apologize.
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