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    I have a new Logitech MX Master wireless mouse and a new ASUS GL752VW notebook. The mouse is giving me trouble when I have open folders and right click. I can have one or several folders open or lots of pictures. The moment I right click on a picure or folder, all the folders shut down. Normally when I right click a mouse on a picture I would get a menu with choices like copy, remove, rename, move, and so on. If I click on a single picture I get a black screen with the picture on, and then I get the menu when I right click. But I work with a lot of pictures, and normally I might mark 10 or maybe even a whole folder with 100 pictures in order to move to a folder on an external hard drive. The right click works in all other situation like in browsers, in a Word document and so on. I have had Logitech Support from Denmark try to help me with no luck. I was told it must be a Microsoft problem because the driver for Logitech is a Microsoft product. I then had Microsoft in Denmark take over my computer and scan it to see if there was anything wrong. No help there. Both suggested checking for new drivers which I have done over and over. On YouTube there a several videos showing problems with right click on Windows 10 computers. One thing I am wondering is if it might be a problem that the Microsoft driver is for 32 Bit but my computer is 64 Bit. Also the driver is from 2006. I have an older Logitech M515 mouse which has the same problem on my new computer, but not on my old Sony Vaio from 2010. So I figure it can only be a Microsoft problem. I am currently using my old HP mouse with cord, and that works normal. I appreciate any help I can get.
    02-06-2017 02:03 AM

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