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    12 years plus I have been using Nokia/Microsoft Mobile phones, the last of the bunch being the N8 & Lumia 1050 which worked with any bluetooth device I had perfectly. I have been using Bluetooth since the T68 Sony Ericsson mobile came out which is so long ago now i cannot even remember, but the Lumia 950 has to be the worse phone i have come across for bluetooth technology/connectivity. I work in a warehouse and manage a fleet of drivers so have to be able to work in house as well as communicate with my drivers, every call i miss due to bluetooth issues can cause a problem as the phone freezes up, connects and disconnects while on a call, switches off, and even sometimes randomly selects where the call goes. Even worse sometimes if i am really busy i have to go out driving myself and man my warehouse issues from the vehicle, which is impossible when the phone will not connect to any bluetooth device like the van stereo or a bluetooth headset. I have actually had enough as Micorsoft seems to be doing nothing about this issue looking around on the forums and i have been having this issue now for nearly 10 months. I have put my Lumia 950 up for sale and will probably go with the one of the two main phones that everyone buys, while Microsoft do nothing. I have heard Nokia will be bringing out a new phone this year hopefully it will be better than this rubbish i own. its 2017 bluetooth has been around now for ages, if you can not get this technology to work correctly then Microsoft seriously need some new staff. My luck i will probably sell my phone and a fix will come out but 10 months is a long time to wait.
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    02-12-2017 08:08 AM

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