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    My phone keeps restarting whenever I try to open an app( or just randomly). It resets to the same settings which I had set earlier say "X"(before the restarting begun). For example: Even if I change the ringtone, start color, delete apps, etc. say settings "Y"; it would show still "X" settings after a restart.

    I have tried,

    soft reset - Phone restarts; doesn't work.

    Hard reset - All methods tried, still doesn't work.

    Windows device recovery tool - Goes to the step of flashing my phone and as soon as the red screen appears on the phone, it again restarts; the connection is lost.

    I had earlier run Windows 10 developer preview and reverted back to windows 8.1. When the restarting issue first happened, I was simply reading Quora.
    03-05-2017 01:51 PM

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