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    MS has come up with another new UI, Neon looks pretty but so many of Windows applications are rooted all the way back in Windows 95 UI mindset and the developers of these applications by and large do not care that they still adhere to UI guidelines from 20 years ago (look at WinRAR for example).

    I'm almost certain what will happen with Neon is MS will redo some of it's stock apps with the new UI and that's it, other than a tiny number of third parties no-one else will adopt it.

    The only solution to this problem is MS must reach into it's own pockets go around to as many popular Win32/UWP apps developers and give them a free UI re-design in Neon and if it's a Win32 app also offer to build the bridge and put it on Windows 10 app store which is what they did with Kodi.

    The old desktop Win32 app developer base is very curmudgeonly and will not adopt Neon of their own volition, will MS see the sense in approaching them and offering free re-designs ?

    (Apple cultivated a mindset among its devs marching in lock step with the OS UI, Windows does not have this or nor does Android which is facing the same problem).

    The only other avenue for Neon is a complete top to bottom redo of Windows OS itself with every single app and icon re-done so anything that still uses Win95-win7 era UI looks horribly out of place but MS still hasn't managed to pull off a complete UI overhaul ever, old elements of past Windows are all over the place in Win 10.
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    03-07-2017 08:38 AM
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    Neon is just for UWP apps not legacy Win32 stuff which will remain to use Windows 8/10-esque legacy buttons. They're moving to relegate those old programs to the background so more effort into those isn't worth it in their mind.
    03-07-2017 06:59 PM

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