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    No one from Mobile Nations I'm sure , but do you have any bosses that have really irked you?
    04-24-2017 10:45 PM
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    I've only had one bad boss. So I left. But I've seen plenty of bad bosses in organizations where I've worked. I probably shouldn't have done this because it cost the organization as a whole by delaying a move but one time I empathized with the subordinates of a very evil boss and did a little guerilla warfare on their behalf. He was planning a move to a new building. This was before personal computers and he took it upon himself to do all the layout work using big sheets of graph paper with all the walls and doors drawn on it and paper cutouts for every desk, piece of equipment, filing cabinets, etc.. I went into his office before he got started doing the layouts and cut all the desk, equipment, etc. down in size. Come moving day, the real things didn't fit in the rooms. That ended his climb up the ladder so saved more people from having a bad boss.

    No wait, I just remembered another if this counts as a boss. In basic training one recruit is given authority over the rest of the group when the drill sergeant isn't around. Ours was a particularly sadistic guy who would take others aside and beat the crap out of them with the help of friends. So a buddy of mine and I made sure we were in front and behind him for the smoke drill. Basically you had to navigate a dark simple maze filled with very heavy smoke. My friend went thru first very quickly and then with full lungs re-entered. I delayed going in behind our target for a short time. Then we kept him inside until he passed out and we drug him from the building. He went to the hospital and missed so many days he had to start basic all over with another group making him someone else's problem.
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    04-25-2017 08:31 AM
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    Wait. I originally opened this from the list of unanswered threads. I thought it was a strange question and now see its in some "Ask Dan" forum. Heycorl, are you just asking Dan if he had any bad bosses?
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    04-25-2017 12:53 PM
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    I am indeed asking if Dan has had any bad bosses?

    Also, thanks for sharing!
    04-25-2017 01:45 PM

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