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  1. Windows Central Question's Avatar

    I have a car charger that gives output of 12V DC , can I use it to charge my Lumia 520 mobile phone ? I am confused as it seems that I need 2.1 AMP to charge ?

    Is that compatible or would it damage my phone ?
    04-27-2017 06:43 AM
  2. T Moore's Avatar
    All USB 2.0 charging is 5v DC. You do not have a car charger for USB with an output of 12v. You are reading it wrong.

    The wall charger that came with the 520 probably outputs 5v at 750ma. Get a 750ma to 1A car charger, all output 5v
    04-27-2017 08:56 AM
  3. bhondu's Avatar
    Actually I have an car charger that came with my old portable DVD player which says output is 12 V, 1.25 Amp. I now don't use it too often. It doesn't have a usb output.

    I was curious to use the same charger for charging my Nokia 520 by using a "Female DC to micro usb connector". will it work or would this act damage my phone ?
    Last edited by bhondu; 04-28-2017 at 06:37 AM.
    04-28-2017 06:12 AM
  4. xandros9's Avatar
    Don't do it, phones these days all charge with 5 V (with minor variances for say proprietary fast charging and tolerances) and I don't think any can take 12 V in directly without either not charging at the best, or suffering catastrophic battery/circuitry failure at the worst.
    04-28-2017 02:42 PM

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