1. Nishant Panda's Avatar
    Hey Dan,
    Ok, I know there has been a lot of questioning about regarding the death of windows on phone. But I found an article claiming that Microsoft would be completely abandoning and shutting down its windows mobile by June this year !! Is this information true ? Can we expect microsoft to answer or hint a little towards it future roadmap of windows 10 mobile?

    Here is the link
    Microsoft to end its smartphone ecosystem by June

    Please tell us if windows on mobile device is actually dead. Shall ios or android be better to adopt as a sole windows phone user since 7 years.

    04-29-2017 12:03 PM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar
    Well Windows 10 Mobile as it exists today won't be dead until Microsoft announces officially about seizing support for the OS. "Windows 10 On Mobile" is a very broad segment since handheld devices like tablets and small screen devices are still alive and kicking and will stay till Microsoft abandons Windows OS completely. It has been mentioned multiple times that existing Windows 10 Mobile devices might not be able to upgrade to the future Windows 10 on ARM build due to hardware limitations, although the SD 820 devices like the HP Elite X3 and the Alcatel Idol 4S might just be able to cut it...definitely not the lower/mid range SD4xx/SD6xx devices.
    04-29-2017 12:22 PM

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