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    A while back, there were rumours about Microsoft ordering 1.5 inch displays for a watch/wearable device they were working on.

    They also ended up cancelling the Band 3, after supposedly being unable to get Windows 10 IoT running on it. However, they seem to still have some intention to be involved with health, and are leaving Apple and Google uncontested.

    Mary Jo Foley also posted this article about an upcoming line-of-business watch running Windows 10 IoT and UWP (A watch running Windows 10 is coming from Microsoft partner Trekstor | ZDNet), so clearly they've managed to get the software up and running now.

    Is there anything to suggest the Surface team are looking into making a wrist-worn wearable device in the next year or so, with focuses on health as well as Cortana, productivity (RFID tags), and some consumer features thrown in (NFC payments)?

    I've been thinking about the May 23rd event Microsoft are hosting in China and it seems a bit over the top if it's just for a Surface Pro 4 Refresh with a mere spec bump to Kaby Lake. I would imagine they'd wanna wait till end of 2017 or Spring 2018 for a Surface Pro 5/Book 2 launch. Surely then there's something more they're planning to talk about in May than just a Pro 4 Refresh...


    05-05-2017 03:14 PM

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