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    hi i have a nuvision windows tablet tm800w610l,couple days ago when windows updates installing blue error screen come and i think say(ssd error) after that windows not booted say(bcd error),so i downloaded windows frimware from website and put in bootable flash and connect with otg to tablet(via simple hub for flash and keyboard)now i have a problem with installing new windows,i think usb speed is very very slow,it cant boot windows for installing(take 20-30 minuts just on the windows install loading screen)after that black screen and nothing happening,im tested other bootable iso files but speed is very very slow i cant do any thing.im searched net some people think its on bios setting,some think usb hub is problem(before that i have a another windows tablet and installed windows via same hub)

    so i dont know where is the problem,in bios there is very very settings i dont know which setting must changed.

    05-14-2017 11:36 AM

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