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    I didn't the the first 8 years of XBox 360, because I held on to my XBox that long until it died. When I finally, by no other choice, I bought a (at the time) XBox 360 S 250GB console. I didn't hook it up to the internet nor did I care about other games at the time. I had RAGE by id Software & Bethesda at the time. When I bare progressed through the game, I noticed a notification, something called a achievement. It took me two years at the time to figure out what that was. I found out it is basically a old school High Score table from the Arcades. I can be wrong, but the way you designed it for the XBox One, when you introduced Leaderboards for unlocking Achievements/Gamerscore. I was wondering, is it possible to, I don't know, get rid of achievements and replace with some other kind of Leaderboard for Project Scorpio? To be honest, Achievements ruined gaming for me. If XBox and gaming in general is nothing more than achievements, then it is impossible for me to unlock majority of them. Xbox 360 games were cancelled aswell as some XBox One and some Windows 8 - 10 games no longer online, like Team Dakota's Project Spark, Loinheads Fable (series), Turok for the XBox 360, Warface/Defiance, and Happy Wars for the XBox 360. My gamertag is <redacted> for the XBox 360 and XBox One.
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    Just to be clear...

    This is a fan based news and discussion site. It is in no way run by Microsoft, Xbox or any developer.

    For your safety, your gamertag has been removed. Please do not post personal contact details on public forums.
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