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    I recently switched from Windows Phone to an iPhone 6s. I'm using my hotmail address for my Apple ID, and when I setup my phone it automatically synced MOST of my contacts from my Windows contacts. I noticed however that some contacts were missing, or were missing some content. On further inspection, when looking in the People section of outlook.live.com, I noticed that my contacts are broken down into groups (Contacts, Exchange Contacts, Skype Contacts, Twitter Contacts, and WindowsLive Contacts). It seems that all of the contacts in all of the groups synced to my iPhone, except for the WindowsLive contacts. I exported the WindowsLive contacts and imported them into the Contacts group (so now I have duplicates, so I'll go delete them all from the WindowsLive contacts group), but they still have not synced to my iPhone. What gives?
    06-05-2017 05:27 PM

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