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    I expose here a personal case to choose my new computer. I actually use my Son’s Surface Book having previously sold my Surface Pro4 thinking it would be a good option for my uses.
    But the Surface Pro’s size is the perfect one for me, so is the new Spectre X2 a better choice?
    I used to open at the same time Outlook to have access to my emails, pdf files opened in Edge for plans reading, AutoCAD Viewer to consult other plans, Drawboard for modifying plans with the stylus and Skype to videoconference about all this with my business partners. I also want the tablet to drive an external screen to see all that stuff together at the same time like the ZenScreen 15.6 from Asus, are tablets able to power this?
    I previously thought that a Core i5 and 8gb where sufficient but I really don’t like to waste time so do you think Core i7 with 16gb will drive all this together more fluently?
    I live in New Caledonia, a French island/Territory, without any strong after sale service so I will buy my gear from Sydney Australia. I already experiment Sydney Microsoft Store for my Pro4 and they where perfect. HP is really less expensive but can I trust them through a reseller for a very quick service, is Spectre as reliable, maybe Elite X2 G2?
    What about the instant on capability of each, dose the stylus feels natural, I find the actual Microsoft Surface Pro4 pen improvable…
    I only use with this at the same time an USB key and certainly the new Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse, what would be the best dock to go with it?
    Best regards
    06-26-2017 01:10 AM

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