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    Long post ahead!

    Hey guys, so I have one of the early 2015 HP Spectre X360s and love mine.... When it works. While the battery life, keyboard, and I/O are great, I've had mutliple issues relating to the speakers (they often start crackling and buzzing) and the track pad (it sometimes doesn't work and if it works it can get jumpy).

    I'm a student so I sprung for the accidental damage coverage and extended warranty because of how much I bring my computer around campus with me and to work which turned out to be a great decision not because I'm clumsy, but because this damned machine has speakers that rarely work and a track pad with come consistency issues. I sent it my laptop in last summer to get it fixed, but then the problems returned and have contacted HP support again to have it fixed. Of course, they want me to send my laptop in AGAIN which isn't really doable when I take classes in fall and spring as well as online in the summer.

    Which brings me here. I can't keep sending my laptop in constantly when a problem springs up so I want to buy a laptop/computer that has the versatility of my Spectre x360 but of a higher quality, ntrig pen, and the ability for in store, on site service/repair. I'm heavily leaning towards the new Surface Pro as it's battery life, weight, stylus, processor, and most importantly support. I live close to 2 Microsoft stores that are hardly a 20 minute drive which would be convenient if I need support. The only thing that has me hesitant is how fast the price goes up after (necessary) accessories. I really am a huge fan of the Surface lineup and at this point I'd just like something that would just work. Maybe I'll grit my teeth and wait for the Surface Book 2, but currently I'm very close to pulling the trigger and getting the Pro now. I don't need USB C ports and as much as I'd like to have an external gpu setup, the CPU bottle neck makes spending $750 for an enclosure and GTX 1060 is a bit much.

    Thanks for any responses! All advice is welcomed including alternative device recommendations. I just refuse to buy any Macs. If HP lets me down again (assuming I can even get laptop in for repairs between summer and fall semester), I will probably end up moving on to a Surface Pro or Book assuming they announce a new one or even a recommended device.

    TL;DR: getting sick and tired of sending my HP in whenever I have issues. I just want something that's fast, long battery, and can get support without sending my computer in.
    07-11-2017 12:42 PM
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    I bought one for my wife 10 days ago. Intel Core i5 / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM. She is a writer and loves it coming from a Lenovo T410 Thinkpad. She was surprised she likes the KB because her Thinkpad KB is very good.

    I don't know about in store purchase, but if you have a qualified student ID you will get a discount ordering online. 15% I think it was
    07-11-2017 12:59 PM
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    Yep, student discounts are great. Then also the fact you are so close to the Stores will make your life easier and support awesome. To be honest, if you look at the possibilities of the new Surface Pro, it's great.

    Regarding prices, it's true, but you just need a pen and a Type Cover and it's done. It's just Day One expenses and despite it is noticeable, it's still not a disaster. Especially not for a device that is now close to perfection after SP3 and SP4 experience. It's going to worth it, in my opinion. Everything is really premium top quality.
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    07-11-2017 01:35 PM

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