1. kostas douroumis's Avatar
    I just try to understand what exactly has happened after Microsoft sold the smartphone business last year.
    In a quick search I made in wiki I found that Ms sold only the feature Phone industry and the right to use Nokia name to HMD. They also sold the manufacturing facilities to Foxconn, which btw builds also the Surface line I think.
    So what Microsoft possesses now from the Nokia technology. Many patents I think and the Lumia apps and pureview technology?
    Does anyone know if they have fired all the former Nokia employees?
    And last question do you believe that they should use the Lumia line technology in the Surface Phone?
    Sorry for my bad English
    07-20-2017 06:44 PM
  2. Charis Ntouroutlis's Avatar
    Surface line is manufactured by Pegatron. As far as I know, they own the patents and technologies (till end of 2018, I thiiink?). All former Nokia employees have been fired unfortunately (and those in Espoo). I wish they include the Lumia technology, especially for the imaging and 3D gestures from the unreleased Lumia McLaren and implement more of their own magic! :)
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    07-20-2017 07:07 PM
  3. vitaliesolomon's Avatar
    no, they have not fired them. i have read somewhere that nokia has not fired anybody. many of them switched to microsoft. nokia also has bade an incubator where nokia have released some money funds to sponsor the companies that the former employees were doing in the incubator.
    regarding the Lumia, it is their decision, i liked the Lumia phones. and i am sure that i will like the new brands. so, lets see what they release and how it tastes to the users.
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    07-20-2017 07:08 PM

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