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    Hello guys, I recently bought a second-hand Lumia 640XL as my only phone from a guy. I do have warranty and all the things the phone had when he bought it just 6 months ago. I bought this phone for the battery life, although I know such a large screen does consume enough power. However, he claimed that he gets about 2 days of battery use, which is indeed really great. I do get about 15 hours, with about one hour of video-playing, half an hour of actually calling, about an hour of messaging, two hours or so of browsing the internet, and the rest of it being standby. Yesterday, I left home at 8:30 AM, and returned at 4:00 PM with still 61%, and after that, I've used to respond to messages, calls, and sometimes on Viber. At 11:00 PM I was having 45%, and at 1:00 AM I was having about 32% after an hour of browsing. The whole paranoid thing comes from my IPhone 4S, who used to drain in about 4 hours of stand-by. Do I have any problems with my battery ? I have brightness set to automatic, data set to 3G ONLY, Wi-Fi off when I do not use it, NFC off, BT is off also. As for background apps, I only have messages and phone, nothing more. Glance is also off. Looking forward to an answer. PLEASE!
    07-24-2017 01:33 AM
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    what version of WinMo are you using? Is this thread of any help?

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    07-24-2017 01:47 AM
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    I use Windows Phone 10, with update number 10.0.15063.483. Also, I'm the same person as the one above, just had to make an account.
    07-24-2017 01:55 AM
  4. MisterStardust's Avatar
    I've already read the post, and it hasn't helped me. I am paranoid or the battery indeed does drain ?
    07-24-2017 01:59 AM

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