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    How to reboot Lenovo thinkpad laptops to install windows 10 operating system?
    09-23-2017 05:52 AM
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    How to reboot Lenovo thinkpad laptops to install windows 10 operating system?
    First of all can you login to the machine at all?

    If you can then you can use the settings -> reset this PC function.

    Secondly do you create a recovery usb?

    If you did then plug that and turn on the laptop follow the prompts to reset the PC and to keep your documents and data.

    Thirdly did the laptop come with any recovery media?
    If so plug that in and follow the prompts - however some laptops have dedicated recovery key - without more details about your laptop I cannot confirm what it is. You can search it up using the following keywords {your laptop model number} {laptop name} recovery process using bing or google.

    However if you can't and need access to the hard drive to retrieve your data but it's not easily accessible then you will have to take it to service centre and ask them to remove the hard drive for you so you can retrieve your data. Unless of course you wish to retrieve the hard drive yourself, then you will need to find a dismantling tutorial on youtube using your laptop's exact model number.

    If the data is not important, you will need access to another PC / Laptop to create a bootable Windows 10 Usb. You can download the tools and Windows 10 directly from Microsoft.

    See here:


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    09-23-2017 07:56 AM

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