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    If MS makes a new phone, or encourages 3rd party manufacturers, and the phones really work and is well supported (by MS, chiefly), then I'm in. But I fear the death knell of Windows Mobile. I can't see there being much call for a new Windows phone, which is very sad!

    Perhaps, MS should concentrate on Android. So much MS software already runs on Android. Why not do their own thing as far as the UI is concerned? Most Android apps (MS or others) work as good or better than on WM. The only thing that is really missing is an UI than has character. Apple doesn't have it. Android fails miserably. WM has it! MS could develop a UI with real character for Android that especially incorporates Live Tiles and Folders.

    In the meantime, PLEASE MS, I invested a lot of money in your company over the last few years (710, 920 & 950Xl - and my wife's 740 & 950)-- at least keep the support going for several years on the flagships!
    09-25-2017 09:23 AM

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