1. sammyg423's Avatar
    Is windows phone now considered a basic phone?
    10-26-2017 08:59 AM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Depends, it's still technically a smartphone as it can handle the basic smartphone features and run applications.

    But for a normal person, it's probably lacking one way or another. So basic? Nope. Smartphone? Maybe a notch below the typical "smartphone".
    sammyg423 and Laura Knotek like this.
    10-26-2017 11:21 AM
  3. Timbre70's Avatar
    Dementia Phone.
    10-28-2017 12:45 AM
  4. sumton's Avatar
    No, it is considered dead phone
    10-28-2017 06:24 AM
  5. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    It's still a smartphone that was ran by (arguably) dumb people and is now left for dead. I'm still a fan and will most likely remain so because iOS and Android don't appeal to me and I won't be forced to switch just for the sake of it.

    If you want a phone that just works and has a decent enough camera, and you don't mind missing all the popular apps, then it's fine. Otherwise, if you want to still follow the smartphone trend, better get an iPhone or Android instead.
    10-28-2017 08:16 AM
  6. Will Garcia's Avatar
    It's on Feature 2, so it's essentially a feature phone.
    10-28-2017 09:55 PM

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