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    Been considering of getting my desktop/nettop replaced. Currently using an Acer Revo One RL85. I like the small form factor, but it's somewhat showing its age and it doesn't meet the minimum requirements of some of the games I want to play, particularly the graphics card.

    I was thinking of getting a Skull Canyon NUC since it checks most of MY requirements for productivity-related stuff that I do (fast processor and lots of RAM) but the graphics card it uses is Intel Iris Pro and I was wondering if it will be enough for games such as Witcher 3.

    Not really looking for a high-end gaming machine since I don't have a 4K monitor. 1080p would do nicely, and sometimes overkill for developing websites.

    So if anyone has any experience with this NUC, can you please provide some insight into the experience it provides?

    10-28-2017 09:02 PM

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