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    I'm about 90% sure that there is a bug on my Windows Phone 8.1. I'm currently on update 2 (Yes, I've checked the time & location, & I've checked for updates & it's all currently updated so spare me those solutions). Every app I try to open, it shuts down immediately & returns to the original page. Messages, Calender, Photos, Music etc. & even some of my Settings won't load. It'll say "loading" on an app & then immediately close out of it. I've soft reset several times & the same thing is happening every time I turn my phone off & on. I'm trying to avoid "Hard resetting" because this will delete all my data. It lets me on the Internet Explorer but any other app just says "loading" & then crashes. None of my pictures/ videos are backed up & even though I tried to backup my photos, it crashes in Settings. My phone also won't let me write a "Rate Us" in settings. It crashes out of that as well. It also crashes out of Storage Sense, I believe I've tried everything but Hard Reset because I'll lose data. I believe it's just a bug that's super annoying. Please help..thanks.
    12-23-2017 11:11 AM

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