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    Hey all you remaining W10M enthusiasts,
    here's a question I meant to ask forever - I have grouped 5 contacts to a contact group and pinned to start. Now I receive e-mail notifications on the tile in what appears to me like a completely erratic manner. I get the point of a note when I receive an e-mail from one of the contacts and I appreciate it (evemn though it doesn't seem to work that way) but the number doesn't count down when I open/read/delete or mark as read new e-mails. It remains the same, even after days. Then all of a sudden '8 new e-mails' becomes '5 new e-mails' or the like without any obvious reason. Has anyone of you an insight where these notifications draw their info from? It's a bit annoying...
    02-25-2018 11:08 PM

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