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    As a food service worker, I know that getting a shoe is a must-have if you want to support your work related to cooking. These kitchen shoes for men come in different styles, but the most important thing to consider is that they must be slip resistant with a closed toe. So what do you know about these types of kitchen shoes? Let’s find your answer below:


    3 Most common types of kitchen shoes

    It’s hard to work in a kitchen for long hours on your feet, right?
    Check out these "Nike Slip Resistant Shoes By Medium.com".

    Chef or kitchen shoes are functional and practical enough to support you in this situation. These will offer the great comfort and protection you need the most. So just make all the difference by getting that specialized footwear and deal with such a challenging environment.

    The first type of kitchen shoes you can’t ignore will be leather oxford shoe style, which is one of the most common footwear in the kitchen area.

    Leather Oxford Kitchen Shoe

    What’s special about it is:
    The shoe is often designed with a round and reinforced toe support. Most of them for men feature more eyelets, especially those that are made for the chefs, who spend hours in the kitchen.

    Besides, this type of footwear need to satisfy all of the criteria of the safety rules - it should be made of slip-resistant soles or oil-resistant soles!

    That feature can help you avoid slippery floor or any greasy surface that tends to spill most of the time. As you see, such a bad work environment won’t be so good for any decent shoe, not to mention how it can pose a hazard to every worker.

    Thus, to prevent it from occurring, wearing the right shoes that must be anti-skid or water-resistant is the best method.

    High-Top Kitchen Shoe
    Preventing slips and falls in your good-quality work shoes will allow most of you to focus more on your job.

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    You can take a closer look at the best of all kitchen shoes on the market, or consider your favorite style of the shoes. These could be clog-style, slip-on, or lace-up as well as whether it’s highly breathable or water resistant or not.

    Most restaurant staff love to put the shoes that are highly recommended to wear in their kitchen since these are quite functioning, especially in the winter. A few people who must work in the dining spots prefer to put the high-top shoes on.

    And what I prefer is:

    How dominant their white color shoes are, and how they come with a great variety of styles that own the proper safety shoes that own the greasy floors. These are well-fixed to provide you with the safety of the job.
    Clogs Kitchen Shoe

    It’s extremely recommended by most restaurant workers to wear these types of clog-style shoes.

    Look at these - the model is pretty simple yet stylish and comes in different shades of white, black, brown, or beige. A few of them are labeled unisex clog, which indicates the fact that these can be easily worn by both men and women.

    A lot of their varieties of slip-on clog would feature a highly removable padded cushion insole. The shoes worn in your kitchen need to be comfy and safe at the same time. And convenience is the first important thing for you.

    How come? That’s because you would spend a great amount of working time standing on your feet for many hours a day. Sure enough, the shoe model with a padded sole can support well for every activity in the kitchen.

    Besides, some kitchen shoes are made with some unique specifications by the particular design. And the culinary footwear that is made of the leather material will be surely better than others even though it’s more expensive.
    What to look for in slip-resistant shoes.



    First of all, you must make sure your kitchen shoes to be carefully selected based on its great function as the pair of shoes for work. Comfort will be the crucial thing to come up in your mind, but you also should get the work shoes with a closed heel and a secure closure style.

    When your job asks you to stand the entire time, then the clog-styled resistant shoe with some open backs can be a better option.

    To be honest, not all of the shoes designed for kitchen work are durable. So when you’re supposed to get the shoes for men, then these should be comfy, pretty, and durable. Their materials need to be made of great quality and good for health.

    In other words, these need to let your feet breathe, so the upper area will be leather with the soles that are made of synthetic. For removable insoles, they’re specially made to accommodate the custom inserts.

    Lastly, try to get those with a good arch support to help control your pronation, heel stabilization, and other durable outsoles for highly durable wear.

    ANSI Standard

    According to the large-scale international criteria, most of the kitchen shoes are recommended to own a license as being slip resistant. Great shoes will give the logo stating skid-resistant shoes for any user who needs a particular standard.

    Tread pattern

    A pair of kitchen shoes with slip-resistant soles will finally wear out. In this case, choosing the flat soles that are the best to replace some new shoes. This is because they’re pretty easy to cause you to slip.

    This possibly leads to the higher risk that you can slip and fall at work as well as trigger some health hazards. You must understand that your kitchen work will be at high risk if you’re not equipped with reliable facilities.

    Wrapping Up

    Among the main three types of kitchen shoes I’ve mentioned here, I personally prefer to wear the clog style shoe. It’s quite comfy and breathable to wear on the market, particularly for both working men and women who stand or walk for hours. This type of kitchen shoe doesn’t only support the feet but also deliver a great protection you need as well.
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