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    I just open Line messenger today and I saw this message.

    Which said:

    "Update announcement for version 5.10.0

    LINE is more convenient than ever with the 5.10.0 update, coming in late September

    1. Update schedule: Late September 2018

    2. Update details

    - Added the ability to unsend messages
    - Reply directly to specific messages in chats
    - Use paid emoji in chats
    - Minor bug fixes and other small improvements

    3. Further notes about the update

    - Forced logout and settings reset
    Existing settings, such as message filters and notifications, will be completely reset.
    You will also be logged out of your account. Please log in again after the update to continue using LINE

    - Windows 10 version 1607 or above required
    The latest version of LINE can only be installed on Windows 10 version 1607 or above. Please check your Windows 10 version first.
    To see the version of your OS, click the Windows icon in the lower left corner, and type in "winver"

    - LINE versions 5.5.5 or below
    Please update LINE to version 5.5.6 before updating to version 5.10.0. Updating directly from lower versions to 5.10.0 may cause some chat history to be lost.
    To see the current version of your LINE app, click the Settings icon in the lower left corner of the app and click About LINE.

    Thanks for using LINE!"

    Do you use LINE? Do you concern about the app reset? Do you expect other addition feature?
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