1. KDshivaji's Avatar
    I have a 3 screen extended desktop setup. One of the screens is a projector. If I have a browser open on the projector screen and I turn off the projector, I cant launch the browser from the other screens. A new tab or window opens it the projector screen which is off. Is there a way of gathering windows to see them all ? My only solution is to unplug the vga to the projector. This puts the browser back on my latop screen and I'm good to go. Would rather not have to pull out the VGA everytime.
    10-30-2018 06:24 AM
  2. jeffchapik's Avatar
    I've always been curious about this as well. I've been experimenting but haven't found any way to do it yet.
    10-30-2018 01:59 PM

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