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how do I install a weather app (win 10) on my laptop?

Asked: Mar 13 2019 | 11:02 am EDT 1275 Views 4 Answers View Best Answer

I'm trying to install a weather app on my Dell laptop using Windows 10 but keep getting apps for "phones". Laptop is the operative word, please!!!

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Mar 13 2019 | 3:30 pm EDT pkcable

You could try the aptly named WeatherBug desktop app. I found it to be mostly annoying, and I just go to weather.com, or our local news channel's weather websites, BUT if you want to try WeatherBug, here's a link.....

Mar 13 2019 | 11:35 pm EDT ven07

Hi, just adding this. I don't really know what your laptop specs are, but if you have sth with 8GB of RAM, rainmeter is an option. There are skins that give you the weather :)

(This will also work with 4GB, but I'm kind of wary to recommend it in that case, because with heavy multitasking and rainmeter running, your system might be bogged down. Windows 10 isn't exactly friendly when it comes to CPU/Disk usage)

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