1. Paul Chudigian's Avatar
    Has anyone noticed that their SP7 seems to have problems with certain channels associated with the 5GHz WIFI band?

    The range extender is located on the back right corner of my bedroom desk.

    The signal strength meter on my SP7 fluctuates when the computer is connected to channel 44. The curious thing is that my Surface Laptop 1 is sitting right next to the SP7, and, the signal strength meter is fully illuminated while the meter on the SP7 is fluctuating.

    I've been working with Barb Bowman over on the Microsoft Boards. It was a post she left that had me do a little digging and, as a result, was able to determine that the issue with the SP7 appears to be channel dependent.

    I've had the SP7 and range extender utilizing channel 157 for the past two hours. The meter has been fully illuminated with no deviation.

    So, I'm curious to see if anyone else is seeing this behavior with their SP7. 🤔
    06-28-2020 11:04 AM
  2. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    Unfortunately I don't have an SP7. But the issue sounds interesting. Good luck, and hopefully you can solve it.
    07-05-2020 06:42 PM

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