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    Hey guys I'm in a bit of a dilemma, I'm stuck between buying one of these two products, I can get them basically for the same price but here are some of the specs for both
    Transformer: Actual hybrid
    Atom Quad Core Bay Trail
    Probably better battery life
    64gb storage
    2gb ram
    Intel Ivy Bridge graphics

    Vivobook: i3 processor
    4g ram
    Intel hd 4000 graphics
    500gb hhd
    Actual netbook
    Slightly bigger screen

    So with both i get touch screen but with the t100 I get an actual tablet but with the vivobook I get 500gb hhd and 4gb ram.

    I am trying to replace entry level laptop that had 2gb ram and a celeron cpu but would like to the touch screen era lol

    Would be nice if anyone could assist me with this especially on the vivobook experience

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