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    I bought this is March of 2013. I bought it at BestBuy. Only paid about $450 with keyboard with an Amazon price match.
    The first problem with it was, it was BestBuy fault. I paid for the version with the keyboard, I asked the salesman for the one with the keyboard. He brought it out. I take it home, opened it, no keyboard.
    I had to exchange it for another one. I asked him if I can open it to make sure it's the right one. He said no. It was heavier, I assumed it was in the box, and it was.

    I'm not a good writer, so I just put them in bullet points.

    • It has Microsoft Office home & student (word, excel, power point).
    • It works well as a second computer. It only runs apps, not desktop programs. (I really don't care about desktop programs.)
    • If you using IE on Windows 10 desktop, or Windows phone, it will sync your bookmarks and browsing settings.
    • It has a keyboard, so I can easily type. (Im 64 have big hands, and I can type easily on this keyboard).
    • Videos and pictures looks good on it.
    • It takes good pictures. But I really don't use it as a camera.
    • I can connect any USB device. All of my USB devices worked. Even my 5 year old USB printer.

    Now the problems:
    • Sometimes when you swipe from the right. It doesnt work.
    • Sometimes the tablet freezes for no reason.
    • Browsing the internet is slow.
    • Sometimes when you turn on the tablet, it wont swipe properly. You would need to restart it.
    • Wi-Fi is slow.
    • Sometimes when you have it connected to the keyboard, it doesnt detect that you are connected.
    • The charging cable have to be jiggled when you connect it to the tablet for it to start charging.
    • The track pad isnt that good. Youre better off using a mouse (which you can use any mouse).
    • When you do use the keyboard it flexes in the middle. And you can see that by the pictures.
    • The tablet doesnt connect all the way to the keyboard on one side, but you can still use the keyboard.
    • Screen is separating in one corner a little bit.
    • Sometimes the screen flickers.
    • Camera flash doesn't work.
    • Sometime touch doesn't register.

    Now I'm just selling this. It's just so slooooooow. Takes like 10 seconds to open an app. Some apps take longer.
    Hopefully I can get about $100.00 for this.

    Being that Asus stopped supporting this, not even a year after they introduced it, I should get my money back.
    I know companies can't support things forever. But they gave up not even a year after in was introduced.
    12-01-2015 02:31 PM

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