1. Ahmed Al Naser's Avatar
    I have an Asus Vivotab Smart device, if I push the power button to turn off the screen while I have some music playing, it stops. Is this normal for all Windows 8 tablets? Is it possible to let it run music while the screen is turned off?

    I am using Windows Media Player to run the music. Also, some programs like Internet Download Manager seem to stop too. Whats causing this?

    Thanks in advance.
    06-11-2013 03:31 PM
  2. asus_usa's Avatar
    Yes, by default, if you press the lock button, it will put the tablet to sleep. It essentially stops everything, including downloads while it is sleeping. You can go into your Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options and change the button behavior if you want. You can also change the power plan settings to just turn off the display after a certain amount of time so the display could just turn off while keeping everything else on.
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    06-11-2013 05:49 PM
  3. Ahmed Al Naser's Avatar
    Is there a way to configure the power button to turn off the display instead of sleeping?

    EDIT: Even if I set it to turn off the display after some time, it will still stop everything else.
    06-11-2013 06:52 PM
  4. asus_usa's Avatar
    No, as far as I know, the power button can only be set to: do nothing, sleep, and power device off. If you change the power plan settings, you might be able to tell it how long to dim the display after. I don't have my test unit with me so I can't check and confirm right now, but take a look at your Plan Settings.
    06-13-2013 07:43 PM
  5. OzRob's Avatar
    Windows' Connected Standby mode is supposed to allow music to play when the screen is off, as well as things like updating live tiles with fresh content, receiving email, downloading files from, or uploading them to, a website, sharing content, such as photos on a website, printing, and receiving instant messages and VoIP calls.

    So in theory, the tablet should be able to do this.

    The catch is that the app you are using for music playback, download, etc must support Connected Standby. I don't think the desktop version of WMP supports this. AFAIK only the Metro apps will properly support Connected Standby, so maybe try one of the music apps from the Windows Store and see how that goes.
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    06-13-2013 08:41 PM
  6. dopaka's Avatar
    i have a asus vivo tab smart and i cant install windows media player,can u please tell me how can install it
    06-13-2014 08:28 AM

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