View Poll Results: Did you get Bing's "Search by Image"?

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  • No, I did not.

    3 75.00%
  • Yes, I Did! But it's gone now.

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  • Yes, in fact I still have it!

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  1. Dustin Hodges's Avatar
    Just the other week, upon visiting Bing Images i was greeted with a button by the search bar and a speech bubble pointing to it saying 'you can now search by image!' (not the exact words, may i remind you). Clicking the button gave me upload and link options, similar to Google's feature of the same name. This is the ONE thing i use google for, so i was ecstatic. Thing is, it's gone, with no trace of it online. Not even a mention. In fact, viewing search history for images that used "search by image" take me to an empty search upon clicking the search in history. This really makes me mad because i just needed it and it was gone

    Any one else experience this? Anyone have this? Or did Bing goof and give me an unannounced feature for a week? Was i part of a limited test run? Whats going on?!
    03-04-2014 12:22 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    This is new to me. I never had it or even knew it existed.
    03-04-2014 12:33 AM
  3. Dustin Hodges's Avatar
    This is new to me. I never had it or even knew it existed.
    And it no longer exists as well, on my end. I now wish i would of screenshot it, but i thought Microsoft would roll it out to everyone, so whats the point. Didn't know i'd be losing the feature a week later with no trace of it's existence. :\
    03-04-2014 09:17 PM