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    This is for those out there that are having the same problem as me. :/

    I've been having problems with bing rewards not crediting me on my Nokia Lumia 520. I did a little messing around and found this app called "AppBuilder." (You can click try and use it free.)
    So I made a new app with it.
    Then open it and click the black space and then click the + and add a Web Browser.
    Move it around to were ever you want and open the little menu at the bottom and change the URL to bing.com.
    After that is finished exit and save your app then run it by holding down on "Appname" and tap run.
    Go to bing rewards and sign into your rewards account. I used facebook and got this error
    but just click back and reopen the app and you're logged in for bing rewards.
    I tested it and manged to get points.

    I'm still new here so if I posted this is wrong section I'm sorry in advance.
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