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    This is (again) a call to action for the MS Bing Team for finally give Bing in europe (and all other non US countries of course) feature parity with US version.

    In the official uservoice from Bing ( there are already two ideas for this subject.
    But, unfortunately, both where closed by the Bing Team with comments which are either standard answers or at
    least a poor excuse for such a big company like Microsoft.

    1st Idea (with over 6.000 votes!)

    2nd idea (very early closed)

    3rd idea (new, please vote!)

    All the time, MS is saying they wish to further expand Bing, but in my opinion they do not everything they could to achieve this goal.
    I live in Germany, and here (for example) we have a really feature reduced Bing. I know we have a very big market reach from google here (80% or more) but, how should this ever change, if the only possible other search engine could not hold up with it ?
    Bing Rewards for an example is a real cool idea. I personally think that such a program in Europe, (let alone Germany) could be a real booster to searching if properly marketed.

    So, what will help ? Cortana ? Windows 10? No, i dont think that these will be a solution. I am a Windows Insider, use Win10 since last year productive on my private environment. I am also a MS professional (SharePoint) and work in a MS Gold partner company, so i use MS Software (including Bing) every day. I have (private and in company) a Surface, a Windows Phone and I absolutely love Cortana. So, i for myself am the perfect target group for Bing.

    But, how on earth could i convince friends or even colleagues (who are also MS Fanboys in general) to use Bing instead of Google when there is so little love for us here. Germany (and Europe as a whole) is a very big and important market, so WHY do i feel always as a second class citizen.

    I know and understand that the US market is the most important for MS, but I think other markets are nearly as important. So, a small delay for features which are useful in general to switch from US to other countries would be acceptable, but in the following cases I fear they will never come to us. Without them, Bing will never raise their market share to a significant level here...

    Unfortunetely, there is no other way to give this feedback to the Bing Team than the uservoice or the social channels like Twitter, Facebook…
    The following examples shows a few differences, first image is always the us version, second image the german version
    I also added the corresponding Link to the news where the feature has been announced if possible. 

    If anybody from MS / Bing Team reads this, or anybody else have some idea how to give this Feedback to MS:
    Please help / give me tips or ideas :)

    „News“ Tiles on bottom of Homepage
    In the US Version of Bing Homepage, the most recent news are displayed in something like tiles.
    But this, is at least, not so a problem, because a similar approach is available here also…

    Snapshot of informations while typing below the search bar

    Missing Date Filter for search results

    Bing Image Match
    This ist just not available in germany (right next to the text input box)

    Music Video selection And Related Artists

    Filter in News and „Also in the news“

    Overview for summer movies (example)

    Video Preview in Snapshot for movies
    Difference is a playable video of the trailer instead of just an image in germany

    turkey leftover recipes - Bing
    Just not available in germany


    Song Lyrics
    Just not available in germany


    Timeline Feature for important persons
    Just not available in germany

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    06-05-2015 10:58 AM
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    Hi DarthMengon,

    Agree with you in many areas.

    Myself and more or less all close family members use Microsoft devices and services here in UK and like are very frustrated that many services/features/offers do not apply to us here, Bing is our primary search engine on all our device however compared to Google or Bing in US is shockingly bad/limited which is no wonder people still prefer to use Google.

    Microsoft is changing fast also concentrating on global markets much more since purchase of Nokia also Satya Nadella being made CEO however there are areas which they're missing and is costing them dearly. For example lack of date filtering in Bing globally, lack of Xbox Music Pass option to share with family members, ability to associate extensions/domains/services in Windows Phone for relevant supporting apps and much more... I appreciate that these are not directly related to the subject however is something that is affecting Microsoft from angle of the planet.

    Hope that we all get the main features soon, is just a case of us getting our self heard so social media and user voice pages are best to extend this further.
    06-09-2015 07:09 PM
  3. Lumiamike's Avatar
    I have said it many times before, Microsoft is a US based company and focus primarily on the US, Apple and Google look to a wider audience and unsurprisingly because of that are ... As we all know more popular throughout the world, as long as the Microsoft culture remains inward looking nothing will ever change, I would go as far to say if Microsoft was based in Europe then the Iphone would be long gone by now
    06-24-2015 05:31 AM

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