1. codytebaldi's Avatar
    I am having an intermittent, but persistent, problem accessing Bing from my home network. It most often occurs when I try to do a search from the start page on Edge. Instead of opening Bing search, a plain white page opens up, with a single line of text that looks something like

    Ref A: 4246AB9971D2452FA79BD61DB4A77144 Ref B: EE008F66A786612E9844C23A06A0696E Ref C: Tue Sep 08 20:52:32 2015 PST
    The exact sequence of characters seems be random and changes with a page reload, or when trying to search again from a new tab. Whenever this problem begins, if Cortana was already open then a search from her also opens an empty page except for the single line of text. If I attempt to open Cortana during this time, she will state that she cannot connect at the moment. Trying to use Cortana from my Lumia 640 with WP 8.1 on the wifi network also gives me a "trouble connecting" message during these times. After five or six attempts, finally an actual Bing search results page will come up.

    Cortana on my phone never has a similar issue when away from home using my wireless data. No other site has any problems; even while Bing is inaccessible other search pages or directly-typed URLs work instantly.

    Web searches for similar issues with an error message like that only seem to turn up years-old articles about what sounded like a temporary issue that was fixed by something Microsoft did at their end. I don't see any recent references to a problem like this But, just in case someone is familiar with it - what might be causing it? Some DNS issue? Is there any known fix?
    09-08-2015 11:46 PM
  2. xFalk's Avatar
    My troubles are with Related Searches. When I search on my Windows Phone via Cortana, I get search results okay. But lately, whenever I click on a Related Search listing I get the message "I can't seem to connect right now. Try again in a little bit." Which makes no sense since I can hit the back button and do another search with no problems. It's just Related Search that doesn't work any more. Also doesn't matter if I'm on Wi-Fi or LTE. Funny thing is that even though I get the connection error for related searches, the attempt still credits me in Bing Rewards.
    09-23-2015 08:24 AM

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