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    Just got it in:


    When I went to order, the Orange never came in stock. Never. Tired of waiting I bought the Yellow. It's nice and vibrant as well, but my 1520 is Yellow. I wanted Orange for the HD LTE, dang it. So I finally ordered the Orange housing kit.

    Amazon.com: Win HD LTE Housing Kit - Orange: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Never mind that the pic is for 1st gen. The product is stocked by BLU so I had faith in the title and ordered it (it does say in the description, "Some images may be generic and not specific to the actual item. Item offered for sale is listed in product description below"). It is for HD LTE as you can see by the camera, flash, speaker holes etc. Actually I had a 1st gen HD in Orange. LOVED that color. Now I have it again. BTW they have all the colors on Amazon except the Microsoft exclusive Cyan. So you can order Gray/White/Orange/Yellow.

    Interesting to note: Yellow body has a black metal banding and the Orange body has a silver metal banding. Power/Volume keys on both are silver. I rather like the black banding so it works in my favor.

    The top and bottom "straps" above and below the display are simply adhered on. The back is the normal back that simply snaps on. My plan is to leave the internals in the original housing and not have to mess with swapping them over. Stick the new "straps" on the old body and snap the back cover on. Orange with a black metal banding.

    My only worry is the adhesive. On the bottom strap it is actually coating the frame and I need enough to remain after pulling the yellow strap to adhere the orange strap. On the top piece the adhesive is on the strap.

    Now to find a clear case or an OEM orange case.

    Pics soon.
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    Let us know how it goes!
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    01-08-2016 04:55 PM
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    I'm going to probably take it on tomorrow when I'm snowed in. :D

    I'll definitely report on ease/difficulty and take some pics.
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    It was a bit hairy figuring out how to lift the top and bottom "straps" off the phone without cracking or splitting the old ones.

    In the end I used a razor knife to prize them up from the edge, between the metal banding and the curved corner. The bottom replacement strap needed adhesive on it. I used roll on Elmer's Tape Runner. It is archival quality, acid free tape in a roll on dispenser. The top "strap" part had it's own adhesive right on it. Then I just snapped on the back. Saved all the Yellow bits...

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